It’s time for our annual Dingeman Elementary Pledge Drive! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year so please donate to fund our amazing programs and support your child. 

Every student returning their pledge drive envelope (with or without a donation) gets a Dingeman Tiger wristband. The first two classrooms that return ALL their envelopes will receive a tiger stuffy for each student.

Pledge Levels and Thank You Gifts: 

  • Cub Level Supporter: $150-$299 pledges receive one Dingeman car magnet 
  • Bengal Tiger Level Supporter: $300-$499 pledges receive one car magnet + one yearbook 
  • Siberian Tiger Level Supporter: $500+ pledges receive one car magnet + yearbooks and lunch with Mr. Pedrotti for all students in the donating family 

*note that these amounts are per family not per student

To donate, click

 Cash or checks made to Dingeman FFC are also accepted. 

Need a receipt for your donation? Email


Do you work for Apple, Illumina, Intuit, HP, ServiceNow, Google, Oracle, or Qualcomm? These and many other employers have programs that will match your Pledge Drive donation. This means more money for our Dingeman students! Please reach out to see if this program is available to you.