Art Corps is a comprehensive, developmental curriculum which teaches artistic fundamentals by bringing process-orientated, hands-on art experience to the classroom. The success of this program depends upon parent volunteers who are trained in workshops to teach art in the classroom. This program runs throughout the school year with the culmination of a grand Art Show at the end of the school year in which each child will exhibit one piece of art.

This program is a hands-on program, which allows every child to experience their artistic abilities in a positive way. We believe that everyone is an artist. Art gives our children a unique opportunity to react to their environment. It also gives them a chance to develop individuality and self-esteem. anyone can feel comfortable with art because there is no such thing as a mistake. There are no right or wrong answers. If there are 35 children in a class, there should be 35 answers to the lesson being taught.

Children are encouraged to experiment, to take chances, to explore and test new ideas. This gives children a sense of freedom that they do not always find in reading, writing and arithmetic. We believe that this same freedom and experimentation enhances these other subjects. children need opportunities to develop creatively and analytically in order to reach their full potential.

In a world that is becoming more and more technologically complex and structured, art gives children a unique opportunity to exercise their creative abilities in a fun noncompetitive atmosphere. Our goal is for each child and volunteer to feel good about their experience with art and to feel good about themselves.



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Art Corps Leaders 2022-2023

Art Corps Chair Lisa Shadburn
Volunteer Coordinator Vanessa Samulis