Hello Everyone,


We'll like to invite you all to our first FFC Membership Meeting on Wednesday, September 12th at 6 pm. Lots of decisions will be made at this meeting.

We will be electing a new President at this first meeting. If you are interested in running for this position, please email president @dingeman.net or vp@dingeman.net

Also, we are in need of 2 VP's of Fundraising to complete the board positions. Please email if you can help out.

Every 2 years we must review the bylaws and vote on any proposed changes. Last year we had proposed changes that we did not get a chance to vote on.  We need 25 members to vote on changes, so please come and help us vote in the revised bylaws.

At the first meeting we also vote on the proposed budget for the year. Your input and ideas would be helpful to shape our priorities. If you have specific ideas, please send an email at president@dingeman.net or vp@dingeman.net

Our FFC Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month generally starting at 6:30pm, but this one has a few extra tasks that might require a bit of extra time. So this month we’re going to start at 6pm:

FFC Board Meeting

Wednesday Sept 12, 6:00 PM

Also, if you are new to the school or haven't updated your children's information, please go to www.Dingeman.net and update your info so you can get information and updates about the FFC programs during the year.


See you all at the first meeting.



The Dingeman FFC